Aluna Coconut creates coffee liqueur

Coconut-flavoured rum brand Aluna has launched a low-sugar coffee liqueur as its first line extension.

Launched in May 2017, Aluna Coconut is said to have lower sugar content than competitor products. The 35% ABV expression is a blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with ‘all-natural’ toasted coconut flavours.

The brand’s first line extension, Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur, is bottled at 25% ABV. It is a blend of the core Aluna Coconut rum with 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, cacao nibs and black cardamom.

Aluna co-founder Heather Graham said: “We are delighted to finally share our new coffee liqueur. We wanted to create a premium product that was true to our ethos, with all-natural ingredients and a more mindful approach to sugar, suited to the modern drinker.

“The idea was sparked after we noticed that certain darker, richer flavours partnered with our rum’s notes of toasted coconut perfectly – particularly coffee and chocolate. Aluna Coconut Rum is great in summer drinks and all kinds of classic serves but this allowed us to branch out and explore a new angle.”

The expression is described as ‘less sweet’ than other coffee liqueurs with notes of coconut and a ‘richness’ from the addition of cacao nibs. The finish offers a ‘subtle hint of smoky, herbal black cardamom’.

Graham added: “Given Aluna is named after the moon, we soon started calling it our ‘Dark Side’ project. Black cardamom provides a subtle counterpoint to the richer flavours in the blend and the result is a more complex coffee liqueur that is surprisingly versatile and incredibly moreish.”

The liqueur can be sipped neat over ice, in an Espresso Martini or poured over vanilla ice cream.

Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur is available to buy in the UK, priced at RRP £20 (US$27) per 500ml. It will be available to purchase from Amazon and the brand’s website. Aluna is distributed by Mangrove in the UK.

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